a brief history

Notcutts NurseryThomas Woods originally bought a piece of land from the Carthew family, which had been dissolved by Henry VIII. This was to be the beginning of Woods Nursery.

Thomas passed the nursery on to his sons and it eventually came to John Woods. Remaining in the family for 150 years, Woods Nursery mainly conducted its business with large country estates supplying different types of fruit and forestry trees.

The nursery returned to the name John Woods after a management buy out from Notcutts Nurseries in 2007. We continue to offer over 1,700 product varieties across a number of product groups to a network of independent garden centres and retail nurseries.

Key dates

Notcutts Nursery1890s
John Woods catalogue was published in October listing 95 apples, 35 pears, 25 plums, 16 cherries, 20 trained peaches, 7 nectarines and 123 varieties of roses.

John Woods dies without succession and the nursery is put up for sale on 11th February 1897.

After devoting himself to the breeding and propagation of chrysanthemums, Roger Crompton Notcutt (RCN) bought Broughton Road Nursery, Ipswich, employing 45 staff.

RCN awarded the RHS Award of Merit for Chrysanthemum ‘Edith Taylor’.

RCN bought the Woods Nursery in Woodbridge. He moves into the Georgian house with his wife, Maud.

First apprentice indentured. Apprenticeships have been a recognised way of acquiring skills throughout Notcutts history and have filled both junior and senior positions.

RCN bought Creek Farm, recognising the need for land.

Notcutts Nursery1926
RCN bought Sluice Farm.

RCN bought Martlesham Field.

RCN passed away.

Notcutts Limited is formed, with Maud as Chairman.

Maud passed away aged 81, and was replaced by Stephen Abbott Notcutt (IV) (SAN) as Chairman.

Syringa ‘Maud Notcutt’ launched.

Syringa ‘Maud Notcutt’ won RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Charles Notcutts joins the company after his horticultural training, which followed his National Service as an officer in the Royal Artillery.

Charles Notcutts became Managing Director.

Charles Notcutt succeeded SAN (IV) as Chairman.

Notcutts acquires Waterers Nurseries, Bagshot, Surrey, bringing an expertise and stock of ericaceous plants.

Notcutts acquires Mattocks Roses, at the time probably the best known mail order rose supplier in the UK.

Pettistree Container Unit was started.

John Lord (JRL) became Nursery Managing Director.

2007John Lord Chairman of John Woods and George Paul Chairman of Notcutts Ltd
Notcutts Nurseries was purchased by John Woods Nurseries Ltd through a management buyout with John Lord as Chairman/Managing Director and John Kirkum as Company Secretary/Finance Director. Charles Notcutt was invited to be President of the new nursery. 

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